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TAE003: Half Day Shopping and Visiting Arusha Museum

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Tour Code: TAE003

Duration: Half Day Excursion

Arusha is a shopper’s dream come true, with handicrafts, carvings, traditional music instruments, colourful African clothing, imitation masks from Congo and gemstones being the most popular items on sale such as the tanzanite considered one of the most beautiful gem to have come from Africa, Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre (Serengeti Rd.). It’s one of the best curio shops in Tanzania and is only 3 km out of town. The King and Queen of Norway and Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea have all stopped to pick up last minute gifts and souvenirs. After this, a brief tour at the Arusha Declaration Museum that housing some of the most celebrated collections of history. It is exhibition portrays the development of Tanzanian societies from pre-colonial period to present with particular emphasis on the political and economic changes.