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Gs001: 2 Nights / 1 Gorilla Treks

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Day 1: Kigali

Visitors are met on arrival by our representative and transferred to their hotel. A City tour can be arranged with the option of visiting the Genocide Memorial Sites. This is a fascinating visit to an important statement about Rwanda�s past but not for the fainthearted . The intention is to show Rwanda�s commitment to such atrocities never happening again but the evidence of what happened can be distressing. Alternative tours can be arranged should visitors prefer.

1 overnight Kigali Serena Hotel

Day 2: Volcano National Park

We wake up early, at 0500am for breakfast & then depart immediately for the road transfer (90 minutes) to Ruhengeri where we complete the formalities for our Gorilla trip at the National Park Headquarters.

This is one of the most exhilarating and moving wildlife experiences you can have: you get so close to these giant primates, observing them observing you � their almost human movements, innate dignity and social interaction make a unique connection within each of us.

The trek to find gorillas can be quite short, but on most days an hour or two of rough hiking each way is necessary: the climb begins through the lush terraced farmland of the lower volcanic slopes. As the slopes become steeper and rockier, the vegetation becomes thick and tangled; the guides must use their machetes to help clear a path. Huge trees, clinging vines and undergrowth add to the challenge of swift streams and slippery red mud underfoot. Usually at around 8,000 ft signs of the huge animals become apparent. Damage to the bamboo trees is an obvious sign as the gorillas relish the young tender shoots and break older stems to suck the sap. The smell of gorilla may waft by in the stray breeze or, if one is really near, it is strong and unmistakable. As you near you hear sounds, which can be loud crashes or dull reverberating thuds.

Each visit is by permit and limited to one hour with a professional gorilla tracker in charge who will coach you in safety rules and body language required to come close to the gorilla troops.

After our visit we have a late lunch at the lodge and depart by road fot Kigali.

1 overnight Kigali Serena Hotel

Day 3: Depart

After breakfast visitors are transferred to the International Airport for their departing flight.