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Trout first came to Kenya in 1905 and were introduced by the late Ewart Grogan who planted them in the Gura River High up in the Aberdare National Park. There must be some forty rivers around mount Kenya stocked with either rainbow or brown trout. The Naro Moru River Lodge stocks its streams three or four times a year.

Wet fly fishing is the most popular, but there are one or two places which afford excellent dry fly fishing for the purist, Kenya trout are drift feeders and during the day lie up in the fast water at the head of pools, Moving down to the tail-end in the evening, where they usually start feeding off the surface. Owing to the close proximity of trees and bushes, the recommended cast on most rivers is the roll cast and the fly can be presented either up or down stream and cross according to conditions.

Wanders are not necessary in Kenya as most of the fishing can be done from the bank.
To fish for trout in Kenya, a Government Trout License is required. These licences vary from Kshs. 200/= for 48 hours to K.Shs.400/=. These licences can be obtained from our Mountain Operations store or any Government Inland Revenue Office. In addition to the Trout Licence a trout permit is required to fish the Naro Moru River Lodge area and for five miles below the lodge. If you are new to this sport of trout fishing we are willing to help you make your first cast. Also remember that if you are full board client, our kitchen staff will gladly cook your catch at no extra charge.
Good Luck and good fishing!