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Kenya Highlights

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Kenya Camping Safaris

Under Kenyan skies, sleep beneath canvas & wake to wildlife calls! 🇰🇪 Camping safaris offer adventure: starlit nights, roaring lions, & breathtaking sights. Immerse in nature, feel the thrill, & create memories that last a lifetime.

Kenya Flying Safaris

Skip the drive, soar above Kenya’s majesty! Fly-in safaris whisk you to iconic parks, maximizing wildlife viewing & minimizing travel time. Spot elephants from the air, land in exclusive camps, & experience luxury amidst wilderness.

Kenya Long Safaris

Unveiling Kenya’s soul: embark on an epic adventure! Long safaris immerse you in diverse landscapes, from savannas teeming with life to majestic mountains. Witness the Great Migration, encounter unique tribes, and savor unforgettable moments. Get lost, truly found.

Top Destinations

Kenya Parks & Reserves

Explore majestic Kenya! From the savannah spectacle of Masai Mara to the flamingo haven of Lake Nakuru, discover diverse wildlife & landscapes across 50+ parks & reserves.

Tanzania Parks & Reserves

Witness giants roam in Tanzania’s wild paradise! Climb Kilimanjaro, safari Serengeti’s plains, spot chimps in Gombe & zebras in Ngorongoro Crater. Diverse parks & reserves hold nature’s magic: volcanic landscapes, vibrant coral reefs, and unforgettable encounters.

Rwanda Parks & Reserves

Immerse in Rwanda’s emerald embrace! Hike volcanoes, track majestic gorillas in Volcanoes NP, or cruise serene Lake Kivu. From lush rainforests to sweeping savannas, Rwanda’s parks & reserves offer wildlife encounters, breathtaking scenery.

Who we are

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About Passionate Africa Tours and Travel

Passionate Africa Tours & Travel Ltd is one of Africa's Destination Management Companies fully registered and incorporated in Kenya. We aim at representing quality and service excellence to the discerning traveler. We are African specialists with an international infrastructure. Our growing sound association with our suppliers will ensure strong buying power, thereby enhancing value for money without compromising on product and service quality.

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