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Umbwe Route Mount Kilimanjaro

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The umbwe route which is based in the south is a classic 6 day tour and is by far the most difficult one offered on kilimanjaro routes. The first two days are extremely steep, muddy and generally strenuous making it onlu suitable for well trained mountaineers. An acclimatization day is rarely on the standard programme, but can be added whereby giving the climber an extra day in the karanga valley. the descent trail is the same as the mweka route.

The route is also one of the shortest routes to the Southern Glaciers and the Western Breach. Probably the most scenic, non-technical route on Kilimanjaro. Fewer people, pristine forest and shorter walking distances . This option is highly recommended, as this will be the only opportunity to get close to the beautiful and fascinating glaciers of Kilimanjaro and to be able to visit the ash pit.


1: Umbwe Cave Camp 2940m
2: Umbwe Cave Camp 2940m � Barranco Camp 3860m
3: Barranco Camp 3860m – Karanga Camp 4000m
4: Karanga Camp 4000m – Barafu Camp 4600m
5: Barafu Camp 4600m – Summit 5895m to Mweka Hut 3100m
6: Mweka Camp 3100m – Mweka Gate 1830m