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Tsavo National Park

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At 20,807 sq. kilometres, Tsavo is larger than Wales and Jamaica.
The Park lies midway between Nairobi and Mombasa.
Its red earth characterises its rivers and Elephants.
A safari here will turn your hair red. The Chyulu Hills feed Mzima Springs with 20 million litres of crystal clear water daily.

A remarkable oasis supporting Hippos, Crocs, Gazelle, Zebra, Giraffe and thick Acacia forests filled with chattering Birds and Monkeys. Outstanding vantage points include Ngulia Escarpment and Voi out in the east. The Chyulu Hills out west and the outstanding lava flows/cones, as at Shitani (near Kilaguni Lodge), are a fascination unequalled to many geologists.


  • Salt Lick/Taita Hills
  • Ngulia Safari Lodge
  • Finch Hatton Camp
  • Voi Safari Lodge
  • Lake Jipe Lodge
  • Kilaguni Lodge