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Tarangire National Park

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Part of a far larger migratory ecosystem (that includes Lake Manyara) and dependant on the Tarangire River that flows through its centre, this National Park covers an area of 2,600 sq km and is about 120 km from Arusha. Larger mammals vacate Tarangire in a mass exodus during the annual October and April rains, so the park is best visited once the grasses dry up, from July to September and the river is again in demand.

A truly diverse species of birdlife – numbering in excess of 300 have been observed. With an altitude of 1,110 m terrain consists of woodland, marked by several hills, the grasslands of Kitibong and Gursi littered with Acacia trees and the Larmakau ‘Hippo’ swamp to the South. Giraffe, Elephant, Buffalo, Wildebeest, Zebra, Gazelles and Ostrich are all found here along with the occasional Rhino and Leopard. There are freshwater pools at Mkungunero.

Be careful of the Tsetse Fly – endemic to the region.


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