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Shira Route Mount Kilimanjaro

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Shira route is a trail that approaches the south west side of the mountain, theser route converges at a junction on the Shira Plateau and continues on the same path to the summit.

It starts at an altitude of 11600ft  and it’s suggested by our guides that only trekkers who are already acclimatised or have previous experience  tolerate altitude. The trail heads east across the centre of the Shira Plateau, where it is often likely to view game, such as elephant and buffalo. The route then joins up with the Machame Route at Shira Camp and approaches the summit via Stella Point descending via Mweka Camp.



1: Morrum Camp 3395m

2: Shira 1 Camp 3600m

3: Shira 2 Camp 3720m

4: Barranco Camp 3950m

5: Barafu Camp 4600m

6: Summit Uhuru 5895m – Mweka Camp 3199m

7: Mweka Gate 1800m