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MKC002: 7 Day Timau Trek

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The Timau Track, the main access route on the north side on the mountain lies in a major rain shadow. Because of this rain side of the mountain. However, because you are inside a low rainfall zone it generally makes up for a drier safari and a more pleasant trek. The slope is gentle and because line of the peaks on Mt. Kenya are from east to west the views from the north give you the impression that you are trekking into a whole mountain range.

Day 1

In the afternoon, you will be transported to the Timau road head where you will begin your trek up Mt. Kenya from the north. (Overnight in high altitude mountains tents � Timau road head). 3,300m

Day 2

Hiking across the beautiful northern moorland of Mt. Kenya with its unique flora and possibly seeing some of the wildlife, which wander up these northern slopes � zebra, eland, etc. Camp near the Western Marania River.3, 700m.

Day 3

Continue your trek over rolling moorland country to camp at the headquarters of the Kathita East drainage.3, 950m.

Day 4

Hike up to the spectacular Hall Tarns where the beautiful rock formation known as the Temple stands guard over Lake Michaelson 1000 vertical feet below.4, 090m

Day 5

Penetrate the defenses of the Temple and descend to the Lake Michaelson and enjoy the scenic wonder of the magnificent area. Truly a trekker�s paradise 4,300m

Day 6

An early start to ensure a successful summit bid for main objective Pt. Lenana (4,985m.). Descend to Mackinders Camp on the Naro Moru Track.

Day 7

Descend the mountain via the Naro Moru Route completing a fine circuit of Mt. Kenya, to the Naro Moru River Lodge for a well �earned rest.