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Lemosho Route Mount Kilimanjaro

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The lemosho route is one of four routes which approach from the west side of the mountain. These routes converge at a junction on the shira plateau and continue on to the summit, the route is particularly beatiful and also few areas on the mountain rich in wildlife starting on the west side and then meets up with machame route at the shira camp also allowing climbers to acclimate and excellent views.



1: Lemosho Forest Camp 2650m

2: Forest Camp 2650m – Shira 1 Camp 3550m

3: Shira 1 Camp 3550m – Barranco Camp 3900m

4: Barranco Camp 3900m – Karanga valley 4000m

5: Karanga Valley 4000m – Barafu Camp 4600m

6: Barafu Camp 4600m – Uhuru Peak 5895m – Mweka Camp 3100m

7: Mweka Camp 3100m – Mweka Gate 1800m